Posted by: adventuressetravels | June 25, 2010

Don’t Miss the Boat!

I was awake almost before the alarm sounded.  Today was the day!  Only a few hours until I was back on a boat.  Back on a mission.  Captain X was flying me all the way to Florida to be part of his boat-delivery crew!  I couldn’t fight the grin off my face if I tried.

The only things I have experienced that come close to the sensation of utter freedom sailing gives you are skydiving and embarking on an adventure.   Not only was I going sailing, but I was embarking on a fabulous adventure as well. I floated through airport security, the plane transfer, and got into the taxi, my heart light as a feather.  Nothing could possibly sully my mood.  Or could it?

Was this too good to be true?  Captain X had said he’d pay for flights to and from the delivery but I’d bought the actual ticket down there.  What if he wasn’t there?  What if there wasn’t really a delivery at all?  In one terrible moment of panic, a floodgate opening what ifs, bad scenarios, and doubts poured into my mind.  No, I had to trust my instincts.  This was just pre-sail jitters.  Everything would be fine.  It would be better than fine, it would be fantastic!  Ten days on the high seas. 

The taxi driver pulled up to a large building and asked a man driving a golf cart where the Palm Harbor Marina office was.

“What boat are you looking for?” The sandy-haired golf-cart driver looked like he’d just stepped out of an advertisement for tennis rackets. 

“The Wonderwall. Captain X’s.”  Trying my best to keep the questioning out of my voice and exude all the self confidence that I didn’t feel I squared my shoulders addressing the fresh-faced boy.

“Great, he’s waiting for you.  Hop on, I’ll give you a ride.”  Already hoisting my bags onto his cart, the man clearly wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Breathing a sigh  a sigh of relief, I climbed into the cart.  My fears were completely unfounded.  Everything would be alright.

We motored along the sparkling dock to a massive security gate which swung open before we had even pulled to a halt.  Brand new concrete floating docks, golf-cart chauffeurs, high-tech security… this place was posh.  Posh, but empty.  Only a handful of boats were docked in the whole marina.  Sure hurricane season was coming up, but it still seemed a bit strange.

We pulled up to a white Dolphin 460 Catamaran halfway down the dock.   Almost immediately Captain X appeared in deck.  Walking over, hand extended he greeted me with a firm business-like handshake.  This was really happening!  Evidently our other crew member, an “older gentleman,” as the captain put it, who used to be a sailing instructor, was getting there later that day. 

We wouldn’t set sail that day or the next.  Like always, there were last-minute adjustments before the big trip.  On top of that the boat needed a good wax and a few finishing touches before being put away for hurricane season. 

I had only really sailed on my friend A’s monohull sloop sailboat but had


been on a catamaran before.  And as much fun as the sloop had been I really did prefer cats, evidently most girls did.  They were just more comfortable boats. Not to mention the fact that they were more stable boats.  Kind of like two boats strapped together they have a double-hull.  The double-hull keeps them steady so they don’t rock back and forth nearly as much as single-hulled boats.  The other bonus is that they are a lot faster – 1 ½ times or so.  I was looking forward to getting out on the water. 

I followed X inside the boat and did a double take.  This boat belonged in a posh marina; the spacious hold had a large horseshoe sofa, with a flat screen TV on one side.  X gave me the tour; the kitchen, my room, the bathroom, the other crew room, and a cursory glance at the owner’s side.  The bigger of the crew rooms was mine – the one with a double bed and three closets – more closet space than your average New York apartment.  This was some boat!


  1. What city is the marina in?
    How long is the boat?
    Scalable pix help a lot.

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