Posted by: adventuressetravels | July 2, 2010

Sea Turtles

“Look! A sea turtle!” B cried out moments later, in an excited voice.  I watched the flippered boat-like figure with its wing-like flippers float past us.  “Wow. You don’t see too many of those.  I could probably count the number I’d seen on my hands.” B marveled.

Half an hour later B raised the cry again.  There was a sea turtle, coming upon the starboard side.  This time I dove for my camera.  I had to get a picture of this one.  Just as I zoomed in and got the grey-green turtle centered for a good shot, it changed course and took a smooth dive downward, disappearing into the murky depths.  He was clearly camera shy.

Drat!  I’d missed my chance.  I hoped I’d get another chance, but if they were as rare as B said they were then I was probably out of luck.  Such interesting animals, it was incredible how such boxy creatures could still manage to appear so graceful. 

Our diver had been the last turtle of the day, but the next day B spotted several more.  A pair way off of the left side of the boat, and later another one also pretty far off the port side, this one a rusty tone to its shell.  I couldn’t believe how many we’d seen!  B couldn’t believe how many we’d seen.  In our one little voyage he had probably seen more than he’d seen in his entire sailing career.

But why had we seen so many sea turtles on our little expedition?  Surely it couldn’t have been sheer luck.  There had to be a reason so many turtles converged on the same area at the same time.

As it happens there is a very good reason.  Georgia and Florida are prime nesting grounds for the Loggerhead sea turtle and we were right in the middle of nesting season.  Though all six species of sea turtles are endangered, five of them can be found of the coasts of Florida and Georgia.  I was thrilled to have been able to seen these throwbacks to a time before history for myself.  We were in the right place at the right time.  It’s always nice when that happens.  Maybe I would get to see some hatching when we got to Georgia!


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    Leullier Patrick From Normandy france

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