Posted by: adventuressetravels | July 3, 2010


The sun beat down relentlessly, I gazed longingly at the cool water lapping at the stern of the boat.  Barely a breath of wind stirred its surface.  It was just begging for me to dangle my feet off.

“Have you ever stuck your foot off the edge of the boat?” B gave me half-smile, the kind of smile reserved for children asking if they could use the kitchen knives for their pretend swordfight. It took him seconds to launch into a story.

“A few years back some men needed to do a man overboard drill.  It was a hot summer day, a lot like today, so one of them volunteered to go in the water.  Well he jumped off the back of the boat for the drill and that was the last anyone saw of him.”  He said it in a conversational tone, that could have been relaying the weather but his eyes spoke volumes.

What happened to him?  I wanted to know.  Could they just not find him?  Did they take too long and he drowned? 

“Well the boat scares up fish; we throw organic trash and all sorts of goodies off the back.  Bigger fish know this and they will follow boats.”

What, like sharks?”

Sometimes sharks, but all sorts of fish; barracudas for one but there are any number of creatures out there that would like nothing better than a free lunch.  When I went down to scrape the bottom, the water was perfect… like getting into a bathtub. But I was keeping my eye out.”  I eyed the formerly inviting water warily.  I would not be putting my feet anywhere near the back of the boat.

Of course it wasn’t just the nasties that were interested in boats.  A little later that day my shivers turned to delight when X raised the cry.

 “There are some dolphins over there,” he pointed way out off the starboard bow.  Just in case, I snatched my camera off the table and scampered to the bow.  My preparation was rewarded.

By the time I had made it to the front of the boat two streamlined little bodies popped up a little closer. Moments later, to my surprise and delight, the boat was in the middle of a large pod of ten or twelve dolphins, their sleek figures effortlessly keeping up with the boat.  I couldn’t believe it.   Grabbing my camera I scrambled to the bow.  There they were!  Surfacing on the left, gliding along to the right and then I looked down.  Five graceful figures flew, frolicked, danced along below the netting pulled tight across the bow.

 I stretched out across the netting, or trampoline, and there I lay, near enough for water to splash me with salty spray when the dolphins came up for air.  Wiping some salty water off my face, I marveled at the sight of the lithe creatures weaving in and out of formation.  Finally I was able to shake myself out of my reverie and snapped pictures like mad.  I just had to capture this magical encounter.

For more than ten minutes our escort pod accompanied us.  Those moments were some of the best in my life, seeing that grace and beauty was rejuvenating.  It was pure joy to the creatures in their natural state, so curious, so playful, so carefree.  They say dolphins bring luck, well I can well believe it.  Midas himself couldn’t have felt more fortunate than I did after seeing those lovely little clowns of the sea.  The ocean was marvelous; I wanted to spend as much time on it as I possibly could.


  1. Bon voyage, indeed!

  2. Sally!!

    Beautyfull pictures!! Did you take them???
    They ‘re great!!!

  3. Thanks! I took them off the coast of northern Florida 🙂

  4. lovely – this happened to me in NZ but the water was not so clear… beautiful.

  5. I so love dolphins too. I had the chance to see them up close during my trip to Bunbury, Western Australia last year!

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