Posted by: adventuressetravels | July 5, 2010

Boat Delivery

 “I mean I almost feel bad bringing up the plane tickets.  I mean, I’m a total beginner, I try my best, but…”

B smiled, “You have no idea how much you are helping us just by staying with us on watch.  If someone had fallen overboard while the captain… the ship would have continued on autopilot.  We could have gone back, but when did they fall overboard?  20 minutes ago?  An hour ago?  Four?” with a grim look he shook his head indicating the negligible probability of finding someone in this scenario.  “And the food you made was great for morale too.  You definitely pulled your weight.”

I still wasn’t sure, but B elaborated the difference between cruising and a delivery.  According to him the plane ticket was my payment for the delivery.  I started to be more confident.  I had helped out, as a deckhand, watch keeper, and had definitely stepped up to the plate as cook.

After the cranberry bread incident I’d redoubled my efforts to learn my way around the boat kitchen.  I was the ship’s cook.  I might not have known how to sail, but I certainly could cook.  After all, that was one of the reasons I was aboard in the first place.  There was no way I was going to let the cranberry bread incident or a temperamental oven dissuade me.

We had gotten a veritable mountain of groceries in Palm Beach before embarking.  X took me to the grocery store and told me to pick out whatever I wanted to get.  What was I supposed to do?  So now it was my turn as resident chef.  I couldn’t very well drop the ball because of a temperamental oven, now could I?

Intent on getting right back on the culinary horse, I whipped up a Thai coconut red curry with rice for dinner the next night.  That got my confidence up and the next morning I turned out some crepes, caramel sauce, and cut up some bananas and papaya for filling.

The next days I turned out a veritable rainbow of culinary delights.  Squaring off with the oven again I baked several types of cookies.   Dinners ranged from cranberry goat cheese salad to some lovely salmon and swordfish steaks in ginger garlic soy marinade.  After all, fish on a boat just seemed appropriate.  Even if it hadn’t hurled itself onto the deck as a sacrifice.

I guess I had pulled my weight.  Still…  did X feel realize that?

Of course X knew how much of a help I’d been, B reassured me.  X wasn’t doing me a favor; this was a delivery.  The captain would be happy to pay what we had agreed on.  In no way should I feel bad about asking.

I was enormously happy that B had cleared that up for me.  I felt better and now I understood the world of navigation a little better.  People actually paid for help on boat deliveries!  Then and there I made up my mind that this would not be my last.  I had actually been paid to be on a boat! 

It had been quite a bit of fun figuring out my way around a ship’s kitchen, how to chop and keeping ones’ balance at the same time mastering the art of the boat oven.  Better still was learning what I had about sailing. I was far from finished on the high seas.  Now that I had a little experience under my belt and knew about delivery voyages, on to mastering a new challenge… navigation!


  1. Father of a sea cook!

  2. uh those cookies look fantastic!

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