Posted by: adventuressetravels | August 17, 2010


The chontaduro is certainly one of the most interesting fruits I have ever encountered.  Belonging to the palm family, the plum-sized orangy-red fruit is typically found on the Pacific coast of Colombia.  The thin, hard skin of the fruit is generally cut in half, or peeled off with a knife, to reveal the light orange squash-like interior.

With an almost nutty flavor, this fleshy interior has a texture reminiscent to beans or boiled peanuts, but slightly firmer.  I have tried it sold on the streets of Armenia, Colombia chopped up with salt, honey, and lime, and in the jungle with salt alone.   I have also tried the juice.  This, however, is not an experiment I recommend.

The dime-sized interior nut can also be cracked open to reveal its white meat.  This delicious meat is similar to coconut, and has a delectable unique flavor.

The fruit is extremely filling, and has almost an addictive quality.  I highly recommend trying chontaduro, but do not stop after the first bite.  The texture and flavor is not what one generally expects from a fruit but it really grows on you.

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