Posted by: adventuressetravels | February 18, 2011


I wear many hats.  I’m a jack of all trades and master of none, at least that’s what I’m going for.

Like many fellow-adventurers, I love learning, trying new things, and picking up new skills along the way.  For me this is really the purpose of travel.  When I joined the crew of the Leeway I was delighted to be in the position to learn completely new skill-sets and be exposed to a different way of living.  I was looking forward to learning how to sail, work with a tight crew, dive, and much much more.  The art of crafting dreadlocks however, was not one of the things I bargained for.

I am, I flatter myself, well on my way to becoming a skilled dreadologist.  I will soon be able to craft the finest straightest gossamer hair into a solid rope.

Most people would kill for hair that doesn’t tangle, my bunkmate, is determined to turn her silky locks into thick ropes of hair.  She started several months before but the dreads just weren’t dreading up.  Her fine hair simply refused to stay tangled.

One day, I offered to help her.  We melted beeswax with a little shea butter in there just to keep it soft.  Tangling on purpose, it was a new concept, but one I’d started I couldn’t stop.  I needed to do my part to get these dreads looking great.  Day after day we rubbed the beeswax in.   It was a mixture of ratting knotting, and twisting.  Twisting was the bulk of it.  The basic principle, we had learned from some other dreadlocked sailors was this.

1: twist the lock clockwise

2: push the stray hairs down to the dread base

3: while holding the dreadlock twisted tightly clockwise twist the stray hairs counterclockwise to “lock” them.

To get hair as straight and fine as my bunkmate’s to tangle and dread, pulling out all the stops was truly necessary.  Yes Lindsey’s dreads are still a work in progress but they are looking better every day.


  1. Deadful.

  2. Hell. Yess. I’m honored that my dreads made the blog 🙂

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