Posted by: adventuressetravels | March 8, 2011

Ocean Dragging … Sailing Fun or Bait Alternative?

The sun beat down on the white deck of the Leeway.  In the high 80s today was the hottest day so far, and after a day of sailing we were all wishing there were a few clouds in the clear blue sky.

“I’m going for a dip,” announced Tony, the new member of our crew.  “I need to cool down.”

Now? While we’re still moving?” I , incredulous.

Evidently he used to do it all the time in his native Maine.  It was the perfect way to take the edge off a steamy summer day.  Or a warm winter day in the Bahamas for that matter.

I was still dubious.   After all, we fished off of the stern.  Wouldn’t a hungry barracuda find my feet were a tasty snack?

Of course they would!  That way we could catch dinner too!  Taking in the fishing lines and tying on a couple of ropes for crew to hang on to Tony laughed off my apprehensions.

The water was COLD!

Gingerly taking the swim ladder one rung at a time.  I carefully dipped my toes into the deep ocean water speeding past … and quickly jerked it back.  That was cold!

“Come on. Don’t be such a girl!” Tony teased  “You warm right up as soon as you get in.”

Already in the water, Lindsey backed him up, declaring the chilly ocean the perfect temperature.  Well, it was hot outside and everybody else had looked like they were having fun.  With a deep breath I grabbed a hold of one of the loops Tony had knotted into the thick rope for this exact purpose and plunged into the briny depths.

The shocking cold took my breath away and I gripped the rope as the current pulled me backwards.  Hooking one arm through the knot I let the water wash past me.  They’d been right, the water really was perfect.  Almost immediately I was converted. it was exhilarating.

Confidence, and  core temperature up, I worked my way down the rope, one knotted loop at a time.   At the last loop I stopped and hung on beside Lindsey.  We were only going about 3 knots, very slowly, but  the ocean seemed to pull at you.  The waves washed past me so quickly they all but pulled the top of my swimming suit off.  I was glad the water was so deep so that no one could see me adjust the straps more securely.

My spirits soared as the boat pulled me through the waves.  Every so once and a while some salt water would make its way into my mouth by way of an extra high wave, but that was half the fun.  Dragging behind the boat I luxuriated in the sense of wind and water washing all my cares away.  Laughing with the infectious carefree laughter that comes with total freedom we waved back at the boat and made faces at Tony and John waiting on the back deck, making sure we didn’t get lost at sea.

But holding ourselves on the rope against the strong current did get a little tiring after a while but it was well worth it.  Before I knew it, it was time to get back on board.  Reluctantly I pulled myself back to the swim ladder and scrambled up the wooden rungs.  Rinsing the salt water off I was already thinking of the next time we would get to be towed by the Leeway.


  1. Great sense of immediacy!

  2. Still laughing about your bathing suit top ;-))))

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