Posted by: adventuressetravels | April 19, 2011

Boat on Poo Harbor

It was a cleaning day.  They all seemed to be cleaning and mending days, but today the captain’s project was checking the bottom of the boat to see how much damage a close encounter with an overly friendly reef had inflicted on the bottom of the Leeway.  We had just anchored off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico after the long passage north of Cuba.  We needed to make sure everything was ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Lindsay and I were inside cleaning the galley, bathroom, and inside of the boat blissfully aware of the captain’s project.  Lindsay disappeared into the bathroom and not ten minutes later it happened.

“Who flushed the toilet!!??” bellowed the captain, hauling himself up the swim ladder two rungs at a time.  His eyes flashed murderous rage as he glowered at us.  Apparently he had been directly under the boat when Lindsay had flushed.  We bit our tongues, but try as we might to hold it in we couldn’t contain our laughter.

“Payback is a bitch,” he seethed, his pride hurt more than anything.

In the United States the toilet valves remain closed until boats are off-shore and refuse is stored in tanks which need to be pumped. This keeps harbors, ports and the shoreline relatively clean or at least cleaner.   In Mexico, and many other foreign countries, on the other hand, there are no such sanitation requirements.

From that moment on the waters around Isla Mujeres were known as “Poo Harbor.”

Cleaning the Galley


  1. Dirty story.

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