Posted by: adventuressetravels | April 22, 2011

A Lobster’s Paradise

The Mexican cloudless blue sky met the deeper blue of the sea.  Soaking up the sunlight I delighted in the light breeze blowing through my hair on the hot day.  Standing on the bow of the boat I scanned the water for dark patches of rocks or reefs; we wanted a place to dive where we could actually anchor.  We had been yelled at for trying to anchor in the national park off of Cozumel the day before.  Apparently it was illegal from what the tour operators said.  How were we supposed to know?  The guide book had explicitly boats could anchor if it were in a sandy bottom and avoided coral.  Apparently the laws had changed.

Tony was the first to spot the distant dot on the horizon.   He was certain it was a shipwreck before I could see much more than a blob.  Without binoculars I could barely tell the color.  But he was certain enough that it was a shipwreck to tell the captain, who immediately had us change course.

Lobsters,” the captain’s eyes glittered.  You could almost see the thought bubble as he fantasized about pillaging the shipwreck of his dreams which in his mind, held lobsters he could spear.  After all, offering shelter, tight spaces, and structure, shipwrecks were prime real estate for many ocean residents.

As we approached the large form the lines of what had been a nice tour boat rusting on the bottom of the ocean, revealed themselves to the naked eye.   Cozumel was filled with these tour companies that offered day cruises into the beautiful Mexican waters surrounding the island and the Catch the Wave had certainly been in one of the agencies’ fleets before she met her untimely demise on the nearby reef.

We anchored just off the wreck to scope out the boat hull.  If any lobsters were out at daytime they would be finger sandwiches, not big enough to bother with.  We might see a few tentacles but the monster granddaddy lobsters didn’t come out to party until late at night. All we needed to see was the slightest wiggle of a tentacle and we had our night plans.

We flippered over in the warm shallow Mexican waters and before I knew it the massive shape of the Catch the Wave loomed over me.  From the rust festooning the white upper half of the boat orangey stripes it was clear she hadn’t sunk yesterday.  How had her captain thought this monohull could make it into waters this shallow?  Even at high tide we had to be careful the Leeway had enough water and with shallower draft (floating higher in the water) catamarans could go in places monohulls could only dream about.

The three of us swam around the boat diving down to peak in cracks and crevasses where lobsters might have taken up residence.  One set of tentacles, two …  we had stumbled upon a lobster goldmine!  The wreck was full of the little crustaceans.  You could see the captain quiver with the desire to kill, but with palpable self restraint he headed back to the boat.  We didn’t want to disturb our victims.  They had to be entirely at ease and playing far from the safety of their little holes when we returned under cover of darkness.

Much to our delight, we accomplished our goal and the lobsters were none the wiser for what lay in store.

That night was the great lobster massacre of 2011.


  1. Will there be a sequel telling about the hunt itself? Great story so far.

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