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Pollution Fighting Eco-Jewelry

Fashion that fights greenhouse gasses?

Reducing your carbon footprint with jewelry?

I didn’t believe it myself when I first heard it.  Of course, there is eco-friendly jewelry that raises money for good causes, is handcrafted sustainably, or has less impact on the environment for sale.  But how could jewelry actually have a positive effect?  How could jewelry actually clean up some of man’s carbon footprint?

Having dinner with my friend Emily and her Fiancé budding genius Chris

Science behind Carbon Capturing Crystals

Wilmer, Wilmer began talking about the project he had been working on at Northwestern University’s Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering.

Though I find many discoveries fascinating, I am far from the most scientifically-minded person and most things that come out of the department of chemical and biological engineering are way over my head.  When, on the other hand, Wilmer had created greenhouse gas eating crystals, my interest was piqued.  Kindly Emily and Wilmer patiently explained how the process worked in layman’s terms.

As simply as he could he explained how the crystals actually trap molecules of carbon dioxide.  The carbon dioxide could get inside the crystals through little holes, but couldn’t get out because the atoms of the crystals attract the carbon dioxide atoms.  Basically it sucked greenhouse gasses out of the air and trapped them in a crystalline prison.  Like super-sponges, the crystals are actually able to absorb 5-10 times their mass in carbon dioxide!

“Completely by coincidence this crystals also have the property of being beautiful,” Wilmer said grinning.  Without missing a beat, like some eccentric magician, Wilmer reached into the inside pocket of his navy smoking jacket and with a flourish, drew out three small vials.

“This is what the crystals look like,” he said, setting them down on the table in front of me. One scarlet, one sunshine yellow, and the third a stunning emerald green.   Looking closer, the bright splashes of color residing at the bottom of each vial were actually made up of small crystals.  The little flakey crystals’ texture resembled the “snow” in snow-globes.  As I twirled the vials watching the flecks of color shift back and forth I was entranced.

He told me that he was thinking of selling the crystals as jewelry.  I was impressed.  This could take eco-jewelry to a whole new level.  What forward-thinking person wouldn’t want to wear crystals that actually fought our carbon emission problem?

When Wilmer sent me the jewelry mock-up it reinforced what I had thought from the beginning.  The design was stunning, the silver highlighting the beautiful crystal pendant.

Carbon Dioxide Eating Eco-Jewelry

The problem was that he was a scientist, not a salesman.  He wasn’t sure how to start, who he needed to get in touch with, or even what places would sell this type of jewelry.  Thoroughly impressed with the concept, I quickly offered my suggestions and whatever help I could offer thinking of the right catalogues, businesses, and distributors to contact.

Before getting in touch companies or distributors first thought was to sell the jewelry on Etsy and get some buzz going about it.

I rarely use my blog to promote commercial causes, but I feel like this is different.  Not only does it help the environment, it is also beautiful jewelry.  Wilmer has listed one of the first pieces of his extraordinary new line of eco-jewelry on ebay. Be an early adopter and one of the first to have this exceptional new jewelry.

here is the link:


  1. Sounds like a great big, beautiful opportunity for a networking type. Somehow you once wrote “Chris” when I think you meant “Wilbur.”

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