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Suffering through a whole weekend at the squatter, crust-punk, and hippy extravaganza I had no idea I was mere days away from the “Hipster’s Paradise.”  That’s right; Lindsay’s place is officially called the Hipster’s Paradise.  With a large Thurston Moore poster on display and an eclectic selection of kitschy, ironic, and just fabulous books, decorations, and furniture the place has more than earned its title.

I was overjoyed to be out of the Rainbow Gathering, but even happier to be hanging out with someone with good taste in music, movies, and pop culture in general.

Fat Sandwich Monday afternoon we were famished, but Lindsay knew just the place to take me: Fat Sandwich.

As soon as we walked in I liked the place.  With student art on the walls, flyers up, and a generally college feel, the atmosphere reminded me of a sandwich shop from Lawrence Kansas, Yellow Sub.  Not its new incarnation, but the old one on the KU campus.  To make me even happier they featured tempeh sandwiches that Lindsay highly recommended.  Fat Sandwich is definitely a fun place, no Yellow Sub, but there are quite a few vegetarian options and tempeh sandwiches always make me happy.

Florida State University My father a professor, I grew up in a college town, so I always seem to feel more at home in university towns.  For some reason I had always thought of Gainesville as Florida’s university town and had not realized that Tallahassee was home to Florida State.  To my surprise and delight I found myself in a university town with a girl with her finger on the pulse of the local music scene, and feeling right at home.

Lindsay took me on a mini tour of Florida State University, and it really was beautiful.  The sprawling campus was verdant with grass and trees.  Walking through the buildings, we ran into one of Lindsay’s friends and I was thoroughly entertained by the philosophy major telling us his latest theories on life, the universe, and upcoming shows.

Voodoo Dog – As a pescatarian  (I eat fish but no red or white meat) I don’t normally think about going to hot dog restaurants but Voodoo Dog offers a couple of really tasty vegetarian options on their menu.  The entire selection is extremely creative with fantastic veggie dogs (and the meat ones are delicious too from what I understand, many of them wrapped in bacon, some slathered in beans… all sorts of options)  Last but far from least the atmosphere and decorations are great.

All Saints I have already talked about All Saints, the independent coffee shop Lindsay rescued me in, but I feel like I should mention it again.  I ended up going back to All Saints several time while I was in Tallahassee and everything I had to eat and drink was fantastic.  The baristas were nice, the atmosphere great, and the clientele, from the look of them mostly art majors themselves contributed to the atmosphere.  If you are ever in Tallahassee I highly recommend going to All Saints.  They have hands down the best chai latte I have ever had.

Wednesday night I was on a bus to Melbourne, Florida.

I only got to spend a few days in Florida’s capital, but people, restaurants, and just general atmosphere I really liked it.  Though it’s not that comes to mind when one thinks Florida vacations, I think Tallahassee is lovely, and rather than the harsh business-like feel that some capitals have, it has the creative charm of a university town.  I hope I can get back to visit my new friends and see more of this beautiful city.

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