Posted by: adventuressetravels | June 17, 2011


Our small party stood on the deserted beach watching the moon rise slowly over the ocean.  It was so full it looked as if it were struggling to get its fat form out of the waves.  The higher it inched, the closer it seemed to come, filling the sky with its incandescent light.  This wasn’t just any full moon, it was a full supermoon, the nearest the moon had come to the earth in almost 20 years.

We were not the only ones paying tribute to this event.  It seemed every creature on the planet wanted to be a part of this astrological meeting.  Especially denizens of the nearby ocean.  Again and again massive forms rocketed out of the water and hung, pirouetting like nautical dancers doing their best to twirl their way into flight and reach the moon.

What were they?  We asked, memorized by the creatures silhouetted by the red-orange light.

They were spinner sharks, the ranger told us, in his jovial voice.  These sharks jumped out of the water not for performance sake, but to feed.  Because they didn’t  have teeth that can cut, they swallow their prey whole.  Swimming up vertically through schools of smaller fish, they were literally washing down dinner.

As the huge disk struggled higher in the sky it shed the pumpkin-yellow coloring the thick layers  atmosphere clothed it in.  Watching the huge globe change colors, onlookers of all species were entranced.

When we had had our fill of gazing at the spinner sharks, the moon had crept its way higher into the sky, and the sea air was growing chilly, we headed back to the house and the party to roast some marshmallows, make some smores, and chat around the fire.

Still chilly, excused myself for a soak in the nearby Jacuzzi.  Though I was enjoying the party, relaxing in a warm hot tub and watching the moon in solitude sounded nicer.  There was something unearthly about the evening and I wanted to savor the feeling.

I had not been wrong.  Lounging in the bubbling water I gazed up at the day-bright sky in wonder.  Taking everything in without any distractions was phenomenal.

The enormous silvery-bright platter filled the sky with an incandescent light a light so bright looking directly at it made ones’ eyes water.   As much as I wanted to see every moment, I had to look away after a few seconds.

By this time, the fat globe, pressing on the rooftop seemed so close that if you stood up too fast you would certainly bump your head and that we were in imminent peril of it growing too heavy for the sky to support, and fall like overripe fruit on the nearby earth.

Away from bright lights of the city, this beach house was the perfect place to witness our neighbor moon’s visit.


  1. Lucky you. In Kansas it was overcast that night.

  2. I know where you were…say ‘hi’ to Terry and the moon loving gang!

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