Posted by: adventuressetravels | June 28, 2011

Magnificent Mangoes

The other day I was walking in Chinatown NYC, and all of the street vendors were

Fruit stand in Chinatown NY

running specials on Mangoes.  Large yellow fruit filled half their stands.  5 for $5; 6 for $5; 7 for 5… the prices were great.  This told me several things.

Mangoes were in season and Chinatown, fruit vendors had gotten a lot of them in, and I would be eating quite a few mangoes that week.

After looking at a few vendors I happened upon one cart selling 3 for $1.  We had a winner.  They didn’t look quite as pretty as the fruit did some of the  other stalls but that just meant they were a bit riper.  I chose 6 good looking fruits and filled my backpack.

These were Sindhri Mangoes, more commonly known as Champaign Mangoes.  Unlike the huge mangoes I was used to this light orange fruit was just slightly larger than a large apple.  Their shape was different as well, being almost oval.

Best of all the fruit was string-free.  The strings and tendency to stick between ones’ teeth being one of the few things I really dislike about mangoes I was delighted by the smooth almost buttery texture.

The bright orange perfectly-ripe flesh of the fruit practically melted in mymouth.  Each bite better than the last the mellow sweet flavor exploded on my tongue leaving the mango tang lingering aftertaste.

Mangoes are a fantastic and varied fruit, but they are not always the easiest fruit to eat.  Unless you know the secret that is.  Then the otherwise messy fruit lends itself to eating.

1)      Lay the fruit on the counter its thinner side pointing upward.

2)      Take a sharp knife and cut just to one side of its widest point, or just around the seed.  The knife should slide through easily, just grazing the seed.  If you hit the seed just move the knife slightly to one side and saw around it.

3)      Do the same on the other side of the seed.  You should have 3 sections: two sections of fruit and one section with a seed and band of fruit surrounding it.

4)      Take one of the fruit sections and make three or four diagonal cuts in it.  Then  turn the mango and make three to four cuts the other direction.

5)      Take a spoon, scoop out the mango squares, and enjoy!


  1. Rhymes with tango! Coincidence? I like them best as pieces in ice cream, which is hard to find.

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