Posted by: adventuressetravels | July 19, 2011

The Real New Yorkers

Now in many places squirrels are cute, fuzzy, timid creatures.  They are frightened of humans, or at the very least the keep a respectful distance.  This is not the case in New York.

One sunny May afternoon a friend and I were eating some delicious cupcakes from Butter Lane Bakery in Tompkins Square Park.  Breaking off in mid-sentence, my friend shot me a nervous glance.

“That … uh … squirrel is getting awfully close…” she said, scooting a little closer to me.

The reddish plump little animal was definitely eying us.  Eying us and making his way closer on his little paws.  Now in another circumstance these delicate little paws could look cute, but now I noticed the large, sharp, black claws.

“Go away!  Go away!”  I cried, flicking my hand in a shooing gesture in the creature’s general direction.

This only seemed to make him more curious and he cocked his head to one side and drew ever nearer.

By this point we had a small audience, all of whom found our confrontation quite amusing.

“Get away!  You cannot have any of our cupcakes.  Shoo!”  I told the rodent, this time pretending to kick at our harasser.  Again, without any luck.  This time he scrambled up on the green park bench next to us.  This was too much for my friend.  She sprang up, whirling around to face me and our aggressor and took several steps away from the bench.

Nothing seemed to phase the squirrel and he continued his approach.  That was enough for me and I abandoned the park bench to join my friend.  At this point I noticed that our ordeal had an audience:  everyone on the nearby park benches was laughing they couldn’t manage to sit up straight.

The Asian couple eating a bento box picnic on the bench across from us weren’t laughing for long.  Not five minutes later the squirrel was after them.

New Yorkers’ reputation for being pushy, overbearing, and obnoxious?  It isn’t the people.  The pigeons (flying rats), and squirrels (rats with fluffy tails) on the other hand, they have a corner on that market.  And why should they?  After all, they are the true New Yorkers.



  1. Bringing a dog along would help. Klaus wages a continual war against instrusive squirrels and birds.

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