Posted by: adventuressetravels | August 16, 2011

The Veggie Traveler

Travel is one of my favorite things in the world.  Exploring new places, learning about different cultures, meeting people with different outlooks on life…

Food is another of my favorite things in life, and the two really go together.  One of the best ways to bond someone is by breaking bread with them, and this is a worldwide phenomena.  Sampling traditional foods is a wonderful insight into cultures.  After all, food really is a cornerstone of any culture, it is what fuels us as people and often how cultures celebrate.   Many of the most important traditions center around food.  Societies and cultures really are what their citizens eat.

Being a pescatarian (though I do eat fish, I don’t eat other types of meat) can make travel a bit difficult at times, or at least more challenging.  Most places have at least a few meat-free dishes.  Especially today with the global trend veering away from meat options are appearing everywhere.  If I really want to try the local cuisine I just have to search a little harder and do the extra research.

Occasionally I do get lazy and just want a vegetarian restaurant.  That’s when I turn to my secret weapon, Happy Cow.  I absolutely adore this website.  It offers a global listing of vegetarian restaurants and health food stores some in places that might surprise you.  It also has recipes, articles, forums, and a plethora of information.  I just tend to use it for the restaurant guide.

Happy Cow’s restaurant guide is a wonderful tool for the vegetarian (or pescatarian) who just wants to go to a nice restaurant while they’re in another city or country.    From the mountains of Ecuador to the jungles of New York, I have discovered more than one fabulous little dive on this website.

My one recommendation is that you call the restaurant or look at its website before trying to find it.  Unfortunately a few times I tried to find a place listed only to discover it had closed.

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