Posted by: adventuressetravels | September 2, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The New York Yankees are almost synonymous with baseball; people all over the world have Yankees hats and shirts.  It’s not just US citizens either; perhaps the Yankees symbolize New York or the US in foreign minds.  Whatever the case, in my travels I’ve certainly seen more Yankees merchandise than for almost any other US team, possibly than for other teams combined.

Not that I’m really a baseball fan per say, but still, going to see a Yankees game is just something you should do at least once if you live in New York.  After living in New York for over 5 years I had still never been to a Yankees game.  In my time there they tore down one stadium and built a new one, and still … I hadn’t made the pilgrimage to Yankee Stadium.  Then they tore it down.  I could never see the old Yankee Stadium.

But I could still see the new one … I could still see the legendary Yankees play…

When my friend Dan who w


orks for the Yankees, invited me to a baseball game I jumped at the opportunity.  This was right up my alley … I may not be a sports person per say, but new experiences and seeing new places?  That was what I lived for…

Dan and I met at Grand Central and squeezed on the crowded 4 train.  At each stop more people got on and by the time

we reached Yankee Stadium.   45 minutes later, w whole new empathy for sardines, I stepped out of the car, delighted to get out of the packed car and breathe fresh air.

I gaped at the monumental stadium looming in front of us.


We sank into two padded leather seats in the third row.  As comfortable as armchairs, we leaned back in this brand new stadium seating.  This was sure different from the hard plastic seats at Wrigley field in Chicago.

I smiled at the signs on the back of the seats, “be alert for bat/balls.”   Had they had that on the seats in Wrigley?  It had been so long since I’d been to a baseball game that I couldn’t remember.  We were so close to the field I could practically see every wrinkle in the Toronto Blue Jays warming up in the outfield”s outfits.

The Cracker Jack vendors walked up and down the rows peddling their food, launching bags to fans.  “Take me out to the ballgame” in Harry Caray’s gravelly voice ran through my head.  I’d forgotten how nice it was to be at a game with friends.  I may not have been much of a sports fan but the feel of the game … the smell … the camaraderie…. I could really see why baseball was America’s pastime.

The Yankees were down when we went in search of dinner at halftime.  There were slim pickings for vegetarians at Yankee stadium.   You would think that they’d sell veggie dogs in a city at New York, but though we looked high and low for my hotdog at the ballgame I had to settle for a veggie burger.  A veggie burger and frickles, or fried pickles.

Back in our cushy seats we sipped our beer, chatted, and tried to block out the Yankees getting schooled by the Blue Jays.   It was still nice relaxing in our seats and drinking beer but watching the Blue Jays getting 5 runs in one inning was just painful.

Some days you win and some days you lose, and unfortunately the Yankees were having a bad night.  To avoid the mass exodus we left by the 7th inning.  I’d just have to go to another game to see the Yankees win one.


  1. Even before baseball was invented, “Yankee” was another word for “American” (for the Brits). Good marketing, NYC.

  2. Hooray to friends who have nice perks via MLB;)

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