Posted by: adventuressetravels | March 2, 2012

James Bond Lives Down Our Street

Impossibly straight sides of islands jutted out of the water in every direction, their tops draped in a velvet curtain of jungle vines.  Some big, others tiny, it seemed impossible for any one person to explore them all.  But we would try, searching out limestone caves, hidden beaches, and hidden trails.  But all this beauty came as a welcome surprise; we had come here in search of James Bond Island, one of these emerald specks of land dotting the ocean.

It was easy to see why the location scouts had picked this area to film scenes from the Man with the Golden Gun.  The area was picture perfect.  In fact, James Bond location scouts had made some fantastic choices and completely by coincidence I had been to be ending up at movie location throughout this trip – a few weeks earlier I had watched Octopussy on a rooftop of Udaipur, overlooking the floating palace which was featured in that film.

Incredibly James Bond Island was far from the most interesting or beautiful island in the area, in fact it was one of the less impressive ones.  But never the less, since we were in the area anyway, we decided to take the dinghy over to the island.

It was almost sunset before we beached the dinghy at a little cove covered by an overhanging half-cave. The park rangers who charged each tourist 200 Baht ($6.50 USD) had already gone home, but there was a group of men in orange vests, and swim trunks snapping photos.

We started talking and they were delighted to practice their English.

I started talking to one of them who introduced himself as Saeed.  They were from Iran and in Thailand on holiday.  It was wonderful to meet open-minded friendly Americans, apparently in Iran children are raised to think that all Americans, and Westerners hate Iranians.  That made the fact that Saeed and his friends were so open to meeting us and talking even nicer.

Americans and Persians meeting on James Bond Island, it seemed appropriate, and even better that Saeed and I exchanged emails and keep in touch.

“Where did you meet your Persian friend?”

“Oh, James Bond Island.”

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