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Free in Seattle

I travel on a shoestring, go great places and see fun things for next to nothing.  So when I go to a new city, especially in the US I like to see what deals, promotions, and cool free things there are to do there.   When I visited Seattle I was overjoyed to find it a very budget-traveler friendly city.

Cal Andersen Park

The emerald city is not known as a sunny cherry one; slate grey skies, a penetrating drizzle, and an overlying gloom are what is commonly thought of this city.  It’s true, it only has about 60 sunny days a year, and most of them are crammed into July and August.

In these glorious sunny summer months Seattle explodes into a joyful fervor of activity trying to cram a year’s worth of barbecues, art walks, and outdoor activities into a couple of months.  In the summer months there are more jubilant, fun-filled, and free outdoor activities than one person could possibly attend.

Free noontime concerts outside city hall, every Thursday at noon from July 7 through August 25th.  Featuring all types of music from jazz to rock, French café music to funk, and everything in between.

Shakespeare in the park

If you like theater you should make a point of going to Greenstage’s performances in the park.  For 23 years this company has been winning audiences.  Performances are held from the second week in July until the third week of August




Try to make it down to the series of outdoor concerts in July and August:

Not Just a Summertime City

Summer isn’t the only time to see some great things in the emerald city.  All year Seattle boasts a plethora of fantastic free activities and sights to see.

The University of Washington’s School of Music puts on some fantastic free concerts which are certainly worth attending if you enjoy Jazz, classical and are on a budget:


Parks in the Emerald City


International Fountain

No surprise Seattle is home to some world-class parks.  A few of my favorite are:

Cal Anderson Park – Voted one of the nation’s best parks by Forbes’ magazine, I whole-heartedly agree.  The fountains in this park are lovely.  Sitting on the edge of one and reading a book, or even wading in one on a sunny summer days is lovely.

Seattle Center Built for the 1962 world fair, there is almost always

Gasworks Park –  Gasworks Park offers one of the best views of the Seattle Skyline.  Especially at night, it is truly stunning.  One of my favorite parts of the park is an ornate sundial that uses the visitor’s shadow to tell the time.something going on at the Seattle Center.  Especially over the summer. Cultural festivals, free concerts, food festivals, film and arts festivals, and much more.  This park and recreation center is filled with things to see.  At the heart of the complex the International fountain shoots jets of water higher and higher into the air.  The Pacific Science Center may have an entry fee, but its towers are stunningly beautiful.  The crowning gem of the complex would probably have to be the Space Needle, and though it does cost a pretty penny to go up, it another site that can be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Volunteer Park – This extensive park is worth a day itself.  Picnic on a grassy knoll, or stroll around the reservoir.  There is a water tower, which makes a great climbing wall for amateur rock climbers and also offers an observation deck where you can gaze at the Seattle’s Space Needle.  If your preferences tend toward plants the park has a lovely botanical garden to stroll in.  The park is even home to the Seattle Asian Art Museum (though that’s only free on the first Thursday of every month)

Bruce Lee’s Grave – After you visit Volunteer Park you should stop by one of my favorite places in Seattle.  A continuous stream of pilgrims come to the cemetery adjacent to Volunteer park to leave flowers, money, notes, and pay their tribute to the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee.  He and his son Brandon are buried side by side in picturesque graves on top of one of the hills.

Pike Place Market – No trip to Seattle is complete without a trip to Pike Place market.  Here you can entertain yourself watching fish getting thrown at the famous fish market, get delectable free samples of peaches, chocolate-covered cherries, and any number of tasty artisanal treats.  You can even visit the nearby gum wall, and mark your place in Seattle sticking a wad of the stuff to the old bricks.

Theo Chocolate – who doesn’t love a free sample?  Now when the samples are some of the best organic chocolate around it’s even better.  Take a trip down to Theo Chocolate and you can sample their dark darks, creative concoctions, and melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolates.  Or… if you want to shell out the $6 you can go on one of their famed  chocolate tours and gorge yourself on more delectable samples than you can even believe.

First Thursdays – The first Thursday of every month Seattle’s extensive art community opens its doors.  From in-the-know galleries, to free entry to the Seattle Art Museum and almost all of the major galleries, First Thursdays is a day that should be spent indoors and not a night to miss.  There’s something for everyone no matter how eccentric your tastes may be.

Freemont Like the name says there are lots of fun free things to see and do in Freemont.  With quirky statues and artwork galore, including an enormous troll lurking under a bridge, a mother dinosaur with her baby, a towering Lenin statue, and more, this fun neighborhood is well worth exploring.

But Wait… There’s More!

But there’s much more going on in Seattle than just that.  My favorite website for the latest on what’s going on free in Seattle is the fabulous website Freeattle:

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