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A Bastion of Sanity

My favorite thing in Delhi isn’t the Red Fort or Humayum’s tomb.  It isn’t even India gate.  My favorite thing in Delhi is the clean, well-ordered Delhi Metro.

This modern Metro is a bastion of sanity and order in a country gone mad.  It is one of the cleanest, best, most user-friendly metros I have ever ridden.   Possibly it is just the juxtaposition, from the chaos of the streets, but


Cost effective

The Metro is a fantastic, air conditioned escape from the congested bedlam of street life.  Fares vary upon how far a passenger goes, but the fares are astonishingly inexpensive – The maximum metro fare 30 rupees – less than a dollar!  The minimum fare is only 8 rupees – about 20 cents.





Sure tourists can take tuk tuks or taxis, but why?  Dealing with drivers trying to cheat you at every step of the way is no fun.  Bargaining with them can be a headache and worse still they often take passengers to businesses that pay them commissions instead of the location that they are instructed.


Sure, riding the metro and figuring out where you need to go on your own may seem intimidating, but it is much easier than being taking to the wrong place for many times what you would pay on the metro by crooked tuk tuk drivers.

Follow the Footprints

The metro is extremely self-explanatory.  There are lines that go to almost every part of the city.  Posted in plain sight are huge color-coded maps, and there are also free pocket-sized maps available.  In transfer stations, where passengers can change from one line to another, not only are there are signs, but there are also color-coded footprints painted on the floor leading towards each track:  Violet footprints to the violet line (yes, there is a violet line), blue footprints to the blue line, and so on.

Women’s Rights

Indian men can take liberties with women, both Western and fellow Indian women.  The metro has taken this into account and the first car of each train is reserved for women.  Ladies queue up under the ladies only signs and get on the train in an orderly fashion.


Of course women may ride in other cars if they so choose. There are even women’s seats which men must give up for ladies.  However the women’s car is a just better option.  It is almost invariably less crowded and ladies do not run the risk of dealing with men groping them.

Even for women traveling with men, I recommend that the woman travels in the woman’s car and the man stands in the adjacent car.  The worst incident of sexual harassment I experienced was while I was traveling with a man.

Travel Card

If you are planning on taking more than one ride on the metro then buy a travel card.  The biggest hassle is buying a ticket.  Almost all tickets are purchased at ticket counters and there is almost always a long line and long wait. There are vending machines at certain stations, but the ones I saw were broken.

So if you’re going to use the metro a few times it makes sense to purchase a travel card.  Tourists can purchase unlimited cards (one day for 100 rupees or 3-days for 250) or by-the-ride travel cards are also available.

If you are traveling in Delhi by all means take the metro.  It is safer, easier, less expensive, and you get a brief respite from the onslaught of the Delhi streets.


  1. Couldn’t agree more! I can’t even believe that there was a time when Delhi did not have a metro…wonder how I would deal with that today!

  2. What helpful and clear information for any woman traveling in Delhi! You are a gem, Sally!

  3. I didn’t even know Delhi had a metro! I will definitely use this if I go, although for many I guess experiencing the insanity of the roads is a part of the Indian experience?

  4. Metro, as well as many of the trains have a women only section….just look for the stripe on the pole (believe it is orange) where you line up to board the train. You will see many other females there. Enjoy…………India

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