Posted by: adventuressetravels | April 6, 2012

Mast Full of Monkeys

Monkeys and apes are human’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom.  Many people find them fun, cute, and playful.  On Langkawi, Malaysia, neither locals nor visitors tend to share this opinion.  The monkeys there have the run of the island.

Baring their teeth and hissing they intimidate people picnicking at the waterfall out of food.  Some gang up on visitors on their way up to the falls; others attack those dining on their lunch.  With every victory they become increasingly bold and aggressive.

These animals either have extraordinary David and Goliath complexes, or just don’t realize that they barely stand knee-high to a person.  Whatever the case, these apes are really pushing the envelope.

Apparently these monkeys are developing a taste for the ocean.  They have actually moved from their jungle stomping grounds into the marinas.  On my last day in Langkawi I watched the simian take-over of one of the yachts anchored in the calm blue Malaysian waters.

I gaped as the monkeys climbed the boat’s mast with ease and played for ages at dizzying heights.  One of nearby boat’s ex-pat captain shook his head grimly.  The monkeys were getting worse and worse; these days, boats had to lock their doors or the little robbers would clean out the refrigerators and wreck havoc in the galleys.

Monkeys are undeniably fascinating, but the more interactions I have with them the more I come to realize.  They are a little too smart for our own good.


  1. Social climbers.

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