Posted by: adventuressetravels | April 13, 2012

A new take on Pine Apple

Trying new foods is half the fun of travel.  The diversity of found in Southeast Asia is unparalleled.  Fruits that I have never tried, or even heard of abound.  In Kuala Lampur Timothy, my host, introduced me to a delightfully refreshing fruit called jambu.

Jambu is red and its exterior looks similar to a small apple, if the apple had groves.  To eat it you cut it open, and remove a core of seeds inside, then you can eat it like an apple.  In other words, eat either half, or slice it up into little bite-sized wedges.

The flesh is crisp with an almost apple-like texture but without such a dense texture.  It is extremely refreshing with a light flavor that changes in your mouth.  The fruit starts with a spicy, nutmeg-like flavor, and the unopened flower buds are used as a spice.  The flavor then changes, leaving the distinct aftertaste of pine needles in a stately forest.  This isn’t surprising as it is a member of the evergreen family.  Apple like with a piney taste?  Jambu really is a pine apple of a different sort.

Refreshing and water-rich I recommend trying a cold jambu the next time you visit Southeast Asia.  Eating a crisp, tart Jambu is perfect for cutting through hot humid Southeast Asian days.


  1. Great approach to travelogging – the foodie abroad.

  2. Love the description! I can almost taste the nutmeg to pine crispiness.

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