Posted by: adventuressetravels | May 18, 2012

Asian Advertising

I sat at the traffic light staring as I watched the advertisement on the billboard next to me rotate.  It wasn’t a neon sign flickering; no this was fitting as many ads in the same space as possible in a more old-fashioned way.  The sign was painted on strips and each strip was the side of a triangle.  A different advertisement was painted on each of the three sides so that three advertisements could be displayed on the same billboard.

Creative advertising is one of my favorite things in Asia.    The rotating billboard

In Thailand I was amazed to see a billboard of a smiling Asian woman whose mouth opened and closed every 30-seconds or so.  Her jaw was pulled up and down by what looked like power rangers dressed in colorful suits pulling two huge cables.  The red one had a strawberry for a head, the green had a cylinder, and both the white and blue were wearing face paint.  My friends and I couldn’t believe it!  Even funnier was that this was an advertisement for a new type of chewy Halls!

Advertising companies in the US do produce some slick, streamlined advertisements.  They meticulously do their homework so that they can pinpoint their target markets and exactly what will sway them.  The companies throw millions and billions a year at attracting new clients and keeping the old, but it all starts to seem homogenous.  The roughness of some of these ads is what attracts, what turns heads.

Though certainly as much for utility as for creativity I’m definitely a fan of the unique advertisements.  Who knows, maybe what’s hilarious and quirky in Asia wouldn’t translate.

At the very least they would certainly make the company memorable.

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