Posted by: adventuressetravels | June 15, 2012

Getting to Thailand

For the American tourist accustomed to going to Europe or countries one doesn’t need a visa, coming to Southeast Asia, where many countries do require visas, can be an intimidating thing.  Luckily Thailand, my, and many people’s first stop in Asia, is not one of the more stringent countries.

Flying in, visitors from the US are automatically granted a 30 day tourist visa.  To renew this many travelers make a day trip to one of the bordering countries Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, or Vietnam.  Unfortunately, with the exception of Malaysia, all of these countries do require visas.  Crossing the border by bus visitors are granted a 15 day visa.

However, make sure you do not overstay your visa.  The overstay fee is 500 ($16 baht per day)

If you are flying in, make sure that you have a street address or Hotel name to fill in the “where you are staying” line on the entry form.  I have not heard of anyone else having problems with this, however the immigrations officer who handled my entry wouldn’t let me in the country until I got one.  After a 20+ hour flight I barely awake.  On top of that I was the only foreigner on my flight.  Luckily, a friendly-looking Thai woman took pity on me and helped me write down an address.  I’m not sure she could speak any English, but when I pointed to the location on the card she kindly helped.

On the whole, Thailand is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in Southeast Asia and entry should not be a problem.  Best of luck and enjoy your travels!


  1. Oh good grief. Thanks for the tips.

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