Posted by: adventuressetravels | July 6, 2012

A Shot of Nutmeg?

Anything can be made into juice.  Some people buy juicers and live their life on liquid diets.  I myself am a fan of a tasty juice, or smoothie.  Batidos, or fruit smoothies, in Colombia are one of my favorite culinary treats in that country.

I am not even a strict traditionalist, for example avocado smoothies are hands down one of my favorites.  I adore trying different juices and sampling the local cuisine

When I saw nutmeg juice on the menu at the Red Garden food paradise, a food court of prodigious proportions, in George Town, Malaysia I jumped at the opportunity to try it.  After all, I adore nutmeg as a seasoning.  Sprinkled over vanilla ice cream, blended into cookies, and even used in some savory dishes it is one of my favorite additions to dishes.

After the bright oranges of mango juice, the cloudy whitish-tan drink that arrived was unremarkable.  Somehow I had expected nutmeg juice to look more remarkable.  When I took a sip of the icy beverage my mouth puckered: the flavor was anything but subtle.

Certainly unlike anything I have ever sampled the only thing I could relate it to would be pickled plums so popular in Asia.  With a explosively sharp almost vinegary sweetly-sour flavor with a cloyingly sweet note at the end this drink is undeniably something one must acquire a taste for.  I searched for notes the familiar spice in the beverage, but any hint of familiarity eluded me.

I adore bright, strong flavors in my foods and juices, but nutmeg juice  steamrolled my tastebuds.  I tried a second sip, hoping that the flavor would grow on me, without improvement.  I could see taking a sip, or trying shot, but drinking the entire glass?  Halfway through, I finally waved the white flag.  My palate was simply not ready for nutmeg juice.

It is not surprising that nutmeg juice is available in Malaysia, after all the country does grow the plants and one can buy fresh nutmeg nuts at roadside stands.  As I delight in sampling the rainbow of flavors the world has to offer I am happy I am now able to say that I have tried nutmeg juice.  That said, I think I will stick to my nutmeg dried and ground into spice form in the future.


  1. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Did you know nutmeg has hallucinogenic properties? I had no idea it was a Malaysian drink. But I wonder if the drink was strong enough to have psychoactive effects. Did you notice anything from your drink? I am intrigued…

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