Posted by: adventuressetravels | August 31, 2012

The Hug Academy

Growing up in the Midwest I was raised around “huggers.” Family hugged, friends hugged… hello hugs, goodbye hugs… hugging was just a part of the culture.

In my travels I have found that Americans, especially Midwesterners, hug more than any other group of people.

Walking down the street in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was surprised this sign for a “Hug Academy.”  Was this a place to give non-Westerners an education in the art of hugging?  Was it a place that hug-starved Americans could get hugs?

On further research I discovered it was actually a dance school, but the sign definitely gave me pause.  I guess that’s what signs are meant to do.


  1. Is dancing “hugging” in Thailand?

  2. Nothing like a great HUG…..Many to you, Sally.

  3. It is a dance school, and also teach many more things. So the H U G stand for; H= heart, happy, healthy, U=universe, unique, unity, G= good, great, give. ^^

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