Posted by: adventuressetravels | November 2, 2012

It’s a Dog’s Life

They eat dog in Vietnam.  Every tourist has heard it.

Because of this many travelers live in fear they will accidently eat “Man’s Best Friend” in a random dish.  Some go to great length avoiding roadside stands or street food, only eating at touristy restaurants with pictures on the menu.  They needn’t bother.  You won’t find dog sold by street vendors.  Dog isn’t sold as mystery meat.  Quite the contrary: dog is actually an expensive delicacy.

1 kilo of dog generally runs about 400,000 dong, about $20.  This isn’t astronomically expensive in western terms, but in Vietnam this is one of the most pricey meats.  It is served for luck at weddings and other special occasions.

So rest easy.   Sample the culinary delights of this amazing country.  You won’t sink your teeth into a juicy dog meat bahn mi sandwich  in Vietnam on accident.


  1. Did you try the dog delicacy?

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