Posted by: adventuressetravels | February 22, 2013

Last Stop in Civilization

We sailed into Cairns marina after weeks of island-hopping up the coast of Australia.  Sailing on a monohull was a lot different from sailing on a cat, but I had gotten the hang of making coffee at sea and even cooking on passage.  I still preferred sailing on stable cats to living on the walls, but the heeling wasn’t as bad as it might have been.

It had been a nice, if chilly,

coral trout

coral trout

trip of little hops, day sails, watching whales breach right next to the boat, catching coral trout, mackerel, cod, and tuna; hunting.  We took our time, anchoring off of tiny islands and beach combing or oyster hunting.  Unfortunately as beautiful as the water looked the Pacific was even cooler than the crisp air.  Though I had leaned over the dinghy a number of times as we motored slowly over coral heads, or bommies as Nemo called them, sticking my masked face in the water, I was soon shivering and ready to head back to the boat.

Still, after weeks of anchoring off of small islands and coming to an uneasy truce with the tepid bath/shower, I was more than ready to be docked in a marina.  One with real showers that I could stand up in.  With hot water.  Ones that I could actually walk to.

High Island

High Island

Even more than showers, I was thrilled to be in a place where I could get my internet fix.  Internet is the one thing I really miss on the ocean, I realize I am an addict but there it is.  One of the first things I do in an anchorage is check for wifi, and realizing I was staring down the barrel of months away from wifi made me all the more desperate to soak every iota of bandwith up.  And from what Nemo said, the Cairns marina was the place to do it.

Dead in the tourist center of town – the marina was ideally located for provisioning, internet, and get everything done.   But he was a sailor: he preferred the wilds of Papua New Guinea (PNG), exploring tiny islands where no one could get to without a boat.  He wanted to get to Cairns, get the provisioning done and visas arranged, and get out.  After all, it was already late in the season, we couldn’t sail to PNG too close to hurricane season.  We wouldn’t have enough time to explore.

I agreed, as much as I appreciated wifi and hot showers I was itching to get out of westernized Australia and meet the cannibals of PNG.

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