A Falcon in Budapest, Hungary

It started innocently enough.  I would live abroad for a year or two after university, come back and be ready to start my “Real Life,”  with a capital R of course.   But far from sating my hunger for travel, my year and a half in Slovakia only served to whet my appetite and discover my true nature.

Camel Trekking in the Sahara

I am an adventuresse, an explorer, a nomad.  Learning, exploring, experiencing, and enjoying the diverse array of things this beautiful world has is pure joy for me.  There is no substitute for the wind in your hair, the thrill of embarking on a journey, the child-like wonder of discovery.  In truth, new experiences, knowledge, and travel are as necessary as food.  But for me it is more than that.

Hanging out with a monkey in Aracataca, Colombia

Travel is wonderful, but  more than that I love to help inspire others to experience these wonders for themselves.  Sharing knowledge, tips, stories, helping others to see the world differently  and serving as a catalyst for change is profoundly fulfilling.   That is why I am starting this travel blog.

I can help you travel inexpensively, by plane, train, or automobile, give you the insider scoop on local cuisine, and tell you about a few adventures I had along the way.  So come join me in my travels; strap on a backpack or turn on your computer.  After all, everyone needs a little adventure in their lives.  I only hope I can bring a little to yours!

Dog Sledding in Ushuaia, Argentina


  1. Hi Sally!

    I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you on Sunday. Best wishes in your travels, and let me know when you are stateside!

    Randall Stewart

  2. Namaste

    Welcome India

    We are in Delhi as well as Churu Rajasthan province, India, land of ancient forts & palaces, Kings & queens, Lakes & Desert/hills with colorful folk life famous for its hospitality – organic food & OPEN ART GALLRIES of painted Haveli & their fresco paintings & a lot more. Looking for honest hosting / friendship here to learn more about people and places & to share life experiences with like minded people. – welcome. Here is a friendly family to extend invitation to India. May be we can meet some day as the world is shrinking fast. To know more about this part of the world & to get to know .. .

    add me on facebook as jaisinghchuru@yahoo.co.in

    Drop in

    Best of regards

  3. Love what you are doing! I am strongly considering hitchhiking from Lenexa, KS to South America. I’m looking for thatched roof huts and minimal electricity and things like that. A naturally simple off-grid type of place. If you could give me any pointers or point me in a good direction, I would really appreciate it!!

    • Hi! Thanks and I am sure you can make a hitchhike from Lenexa to S. America happen. My advice would be don’t be too terribly set on thatched roofs and one way of thinking. Be flexibble and that’s how you will make it. Best of luck and I’m sure you will have an amazing time!

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